Template/Prefab system

Hi guys, I love your engine so far. I’ve been using Unity for years and I like what you did with PC but… I have an issue with your approach to prefabs or templates(I understand that its maybe tricky or something like that) but it’s crucial to have it in 2018. Honestly, I will buy your subscription on day when that feature is implemented. I just wanna stress out how important this is because everyone wanna make games, not hacks how to do ‘usual’ stuff.
For now, I call this “Single Scene Game Engine” because I don’t wanna get in a mess with tricks how to clone my player with all states and animations and FX and stuff if I can’t save it as a template and then just spawn it where I want it.

Great tool guys 4,5/5 **** but please consider this to be a must have to be the competitive game engine as you present yourself.


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PlayCanvas doesn’t have a prefab system but you can clone entities in could using entity.clone() which gives you the closest behaviour so far that is available.

I use this in this project populate the UIs for buildings: https://playcanvas.com/project/475452/overview/isometric-base-builder

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Thank you for the link you shared here with me i will look at it asap. I don’t wanna act like some grumpy Nancy but I was really sad when i find out there is no prefab thing but there is a complete vr setup… Idea for prefab : Create new asset file of type Prefab, Drag it in scene(add objects as child to it, add scripts…) and then click Apply (set all child references for that prefab), delete Prefab from scene. When i Instantiate it will instantiate Prefab and then prefab will know what childs he needs to display (from your resources) and in what position.

I’ve been asking for the same thing, as have others, for a long time. I also said the same thing as you did - I won’t even give this system a second thought until prefabs support exists. It’s also the reason I abandoned Construct 2. It’s not professional to litter my scenes with hidden objects I don’t even need in the scene, that is so amateur. Any company that does this is not worth my time or money, especially in 2018. It’s not even that complicated, unless one is really lazy.


is there any update on the topic or expectancy to add the prefab feature to the project?

Hi @nirharpaz. It’s currently in a closed beta phase. We should be rolling it out very soon.


Hi every one.
Prefab/Template system has been launched in playcanvas.

Here is the link for official web.