Template not spawning in the correct space

I was trying to make it so when you hold an apple it will appear in your hand. But when the script tries to spawn it, the template spawns somewhere on the players head.

press R to open menu press on apple to add it to your inventory (other models aren’t in yet) 1-6 to select the slot then it should be in your head
the apple template is in the temp-assets folder not the Minecraft apple)

Scripts: Player/Survival/Inventory/holdItem.js


Unfortunately, I was not be able to place the apple from the inventory in the scene. (I don’t really understand your instructions in combination with what I get to see on the screen).

I see in your script you first use getPosition() and then you use setLocalPosition() instead of setPosition(), so I’m curious what is the reason for that. I also suggest to first add it as a child and then set the position of it. (Especially when you need to use setLocalPosition(), because it use the local position based on the parent as far as I know).