Template ID changes if inserted in other projects

Hey everybody,
I have a small question. I’ve created a little framework in which i use Templates and template attributes in my scripts.
Now my question: If i insert my framework into other new projects i have to renew all my template references and its annoying sometimes. I’ve noticed that the template Ids change in other project while on the other hand the script ids stay the same.
Is this intended? And is there a way to keep my template references in other projects ?

I hope you can understand my question and i apologize for non-fluid english :smiley:

P.S.: If i say template references i mean template attributes in my scripts :slight_smile:

Hi @Andrushka130!

If you already use attributes to define your templates, it’s not clear to me what you use the ID for? With ID you mean the number of the template asset in the project? (I think it’s normal that the number of the template asset is different in a new project).

Below a post that can be helpful.

Thank you for your respond. I don’t use the Ids of the templates, because like you said i use the attributes for references. I just noticed that they change if you put them in another project.

The only small pain i have:
If i insert the framework into other project i have to re-select the templates for the attributes. And i am just curious whether it is possible to maintain the attribute template references across multiple projects

Good question.

I imagine you’ll want to keep the reference to the asset if you use it in a new project.

After a little research I found out that you can use different other useful ways to define an asset.

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I really appreciate your help thank you :smiley: I will look into it

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