Template Icon

Hi, Guys

For now in the editor I can see preview icons for renderer entities, where I can see how current renderer element looks, if it is box or sphere or even something more complex. If I make a template from any of the 3D models then if it is one model or several templates combined in one, there is only one default preview icon. And if I have a lot of templates in my project to build some levels then it stands a bit complex because the difference only in the title of the templates. And some times I need to drop some template to the scene to remember what is it exactly.

So, maybe there is a way I can chose custom icon for any of my templates? Or maybe I could use the system which you are using for making previews for lonely 3D models? Would be cool to extend it for complex 3D scenes and make screenshots and then use it as previews icons for any of an template.
Any ideas how I could get closer to this approach?


Hi @koroldev,

That’s quite interesting and I can imagine having a lot of templates this being quite helpful to have.

I’m not sure though where to start with that. You can study how the editor generates thumbnails right now in the editor.js loaded when opening the editor. All thumbnails are generated clientside so maybe there is something you can do there.

You can also add this as a feature request in the editor repo:


Thanks, I will try it out and let to know here if I get some result.