Template Downloading

I’m trying to download the template/prefab file so I can upload it to another project. But, it seems it is giving me a “file not found” error for some reason. Isn’t the template a json file?

It is a JSON file but the downloading / importing process doesn’t really work as is since it gets imported as a JSON, not a template asset.

@yaustar im trying to do this as well, is this a feature which can be implemented in the editor?

My use-case:
I have a project which houses tools i often need and which can be transferred from this “Tools” project to the project im currently working on.
Amongst other things i have a orbit cam in there, which has a predefined entity hierarchy and a few scripts. I made a template of this Orbit Cam, so my colleagues dont have to manually create the hierarchy and add the scripts. Which often results in wrong setup.
Unfortunetly i cant use the template because i cant download it and import it in another project.

Copy and paste assets between project should be soft launched later today. That will make it super easy to share assets and scripts across to other projects (including Templates).


Works like a charm!

This is really nice @yaustar .

Makes my life a whole lot easier. Now I don’t have to fork my Tool Template Project everytime!

Cheers to the team :beers: