Template Bounds of imported model are bigger than all its children


I’m trying to understand, and hopefully fix, why the template bounds of our imported model are bigger than all its children in the editor.
This makes focusing (F) on the template in the scene a bit clumsy.
When I open the .glb in the editors viewer this doesn’t happen.

These are the bounds of the selected template:

These are the bounds of all the templates’ children selected:

In the original Blend file, there are objects that could create the larger bounds, but they are not exported:

I don’t have this issue in Unity for example.

This is an animated/rigged character.
There are helper objects and bones hidden in the original file.

Thanks in advance,

If this does not happen in the viewer, it could just be a bug in the Editor. If you can share a repro project, please create an issue here: Issues · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

But it’s not likely we’ll get to it soon I would guess.