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I was thinking to make my html5 game available on telegram app through bots . I got access token . But rest all steps are difficult to follow. I don’t understand where should I call /CallbackQuery and rest all .

Hi @Ayushi_Gupta,

Does Telegram provide a guide on how to do that?

Usually the process involves adding/uploading the relevant SDK to Playcanvas, and then initializing it at the right place/instant.

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It’s not SDK. Api and js . They want us to make inlinequery and Callbackquery using commands.
Mentioned here - .
I have no idea where to do this .

So it seems to work using REST methods, which you can do in a number of ways. Either using plain Javascript (XHR), jQuery or the Playcanvas engine class pc.http:

The place to do them is most likely from within one of your Playcanvas scripts, basically where you need the calls.

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I am not familiar with using REST methods , javascript xhr, query or playcanvas engine class pc.http .

Where should I call in scripts?

Then you need to study some genetic JavaScript tutorial on the subject and get some experience.

Otherwise you can’t do much with their API.

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