TANX problem disconnecting

Every time I try to play tanks multiplayer it disconnected…Any ideas? Why it’s not working…

  • What browser are you using?
  • What OS?
  • Where (roughly) do you live?
  • Has this just started happening or have you never been able to play?

I too getting this problem pass 2 hrs 2016-09-26 1:35 pm MST
Torch - Chrome - Explore
Win 10
Canada MST timezone
cuts in and out… mostly out for hours.

I just tried playing on the US server. Seems to work fine. Can you confirm if this happens if you are not logged in? You can test by playing in an incognito tab.

Both are not login… I not able to login the game. Login just flicks for a second.

I found the problem with the disconnection issue. This link works " http://tanx.io/ " This will not " https://tanx.io/ "

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@max, @dave, why might HTTP work but not HTTPS? I thought it would be the other way around!