Talk about your best skill at PlayCanvas

Just talk about your best skills you have when creating games.

My best skill is making small mistakes. :upside_down_face:

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But your best skill is coding, desing or something like that?

I don’t really have a best skill. I try to do everything I need to achieve my goal. So I know the basics of many things and try to improve this knowledge over time. What is your best skill?

I like doing horror games… Honestly, My best skill is doing horror games.

It’s design of the level, texture design, etc.

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I don’t like horror games, because when appear a Jumpscare from nothing, I scare.

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Oh yes, I need your help to create a game, it’s a platformer and it’s called Run & Jump.

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My best skill is making mistakes with my code :sweat_smile:


No problem dude.

My best skill is level design.