Tags and categories

there are not many tags in the forum, i think there should be more tags like tags for suggestions and feedback and more tags in general as there are only 30 tags to use and some might not be what we need. maybe there could be a tag in the collaboration section for art or models. maybe you can also add a “free” tag in useful resources and a “free of copyright” tag there too. it might help people find what they need in these sections. you could also add a category for people looking to help people and some other things, this will help the community quite a bit when they need to find something. you should add a tag for the suggestions and feedback tab for stuff like the editor and tags or categories. a category i have been wanting for a while is a project news category where you can post news about games you are working on.

We are adding tags as they become necessary. Right now, there aren’t that many posts about models/assets to download to warrant the tag so far. These are all the posts we have so far: Useful Resources - PlayCanvas Discussion

For news about what game you are working in, use the category Work in progress - PlayCanvas Discussion

I agree of adding tags to the suggestions and feedback

yeah, it will get alot more people in the future though

i think it would be nice in a future update but i know its not your top priority right now

i saw you added the forums tag just now. i actully did not think of a forums tag lol, but thanks for liking my idea.

When it does, we can re-evaluate

I don’t understand, we have a category for this, what would we need to do more?

like if there is an event or something in the players game they can easily post it and it getting posted in the work in progress category would not make sense

This is technically a developers forum, not a forum for players of games. I recommend that you would do the event announcements on your own social servers such as Discord etc