System get warm while using PlayCanvas

I noticed after playing the swoop game for about 10 minutes, my computer started to get decently warm.

So here is my question:

My team is considering using PlayCanvas to develop a game similar to “Swoop” for use in a commercial setting on a large touch screen (60 inches). One concern that I have is that the system that we use to run the graphics might over heat after a couple hours of use.

Can anyone confirm or relieve my concerns about over heating?

Hi. I’ve changed the title of your thread. Your system isn’t overheating - that suggests it is somehow breaking or on the verge of breaking. Your system is getting warm. This is because WebGL, the graphics API used by PlayCanvas, is GPU accelerated. In other words, when your PlayCanvas app (or any application with 3D graphics) runs, the GPU starts to do work. Normally what happens is the GPU clock frequency increases and the GPU draws more power from the power supply/battery. Drawing more power results in radiation of heat. So your device uses power faster and the device gets warmer. Try running any 3D game on your computer and you will notice the same thing. This is not specific to PlayCanvas.