Sync Github project code from Playcanvas Designer

I’ve noticed that if my code is hosted on github, I need to go back to the dashboard and click ‘Sync’ to be able to get the last version of my scripts. It’d be great if github was synced when clicking the ‘refresh’ button from the scripts panel on the Designer.

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Yep, we will be adding more of this functionality directly in to the Designer.

Also, what are you thoughts about automatically syncing? In theory there are webhooks from github that mean we get notified by your commits and we can trigger a sync. Seems like that would be ideal to me. Can you think of any problems with this?

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Great idea! A hook for autosync would be even better!
I see no problems with that. Even if the user makes a mistake, he can undo it in a few seconds with VCS.

Yes, a webhook would be an ideal solution!

By the way. It would be great to have an option to specify a path to the scripts directory in the syncing repository. I have a lot of non-script files there. Gruntfile.js, Nodejs’s package.json etc … There will be .sass files soon. And all this stuff messes up the scripts list in the Editor. It’s harder to search a script there.

Did anything happen on this? We have a use case where it would be beneficial to know when a checkpoint happens, so that we can automatically trigger and download build via the rest api.

That’s an interesting feature and it be good to at least have a REST API that can poll for checkpoints in a branch. We currently don’t have a public API for this yet.

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In the /branches rest api it returns the latestCheckpoint for every branch. Is it posssible to specify a checkpoint in the download app call, so that we can build against a specific checkpoint? Also, is there a way in the Editor to see id of a given checkpoint?

I believe this is the ID

@zpaul Will be able to help more here :slight_smile: