Switching from title screen back to main menu

PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine (editor)
Hey! Can Someone help with a small problem?
I’m trying to make a script so when someone presses the ENTER key, it will switch to the main menu. However when doing this, nothing happens. The weird part is that I made the same scripts to change from the main menu to the game and the credits but I can’t get back to the main menu after getting to the credits.
The first screen shot shows the script to get from the main menu to the game and the credits, the second screen shot shows the script to get from the credits back to the main menu.

Thank you for your help ahead of time!

Hi @Bradley_Pelletier!

You are not using the correct method to change the scene. Please check the page below.


Hey! I tried to implement the link you gave me into the script but it did not work at all, do you think you could make me a script to change the credits screen to the main menu?

Can you show me your changes or the editor link of your project?

I see you already shared a link, I will take a look when I’m home.

The scripts you are using to change your scene are not added to an entity. You need to add the scripts to an entity. Also, I still don’t see the correct method to change a scene.

this.app.scenes.changeScene('Some Scene Name');

Hi! @Bradley_Pelletier you could also used the change scene on click tutorial and use that to change the scene back. Just enter the scene name into it and thats it! Example: Main Menu