SWERVE camera projection?

I am creating similar game like SWERVE. I want to know what type of camera projection is used for SWRVE, is it ortho or perspective?

I have created world (terrain+road) and my camera projection is set to perspective. If you look at screenshot, my road size is shrinking.

However, in actual game road size is same as can be seen in next attachment.

If someone can help me with camera projection, position and rotation to match as SWERVE, I will be thankful.


Swerve looks like it has an orthographic projection on the camera.

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SWERVE’s camera:

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Thanks @will. I have noticed camera position is also changing when car is going right.

Having only 3d assets and images would not be enough to create a game. You would need to create scripts, which will move the camera, as the car is moving. As well as for all the other functionality of the game, like handling player inputs, sounds, etc. Good place to start would be the tutorials.

If you get stuck at a problem - return here and show us how you tried to solve it. We will gladly help to find a solution. If you are not familiar with Javascript, it could be a good time to start learning. Otherwise, your only option would be to find someone who would program it for you.

Hi @LeXXik,

I have follow target script for camera. My car script is also ready. Thanks to you I manage to write endless terrain script with little help from others.

I don’t have issue related to programming at the moment. My game’s visuals and effects are not up to mark.

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