Surface Tracking 2022

Hello there,

I have been playing around with marker tracking using playcanvas, now I want to try using surface tracking but i have read that playcanvas does not implement that yet.

However, since the post I read was from 2020 I want to know if there are something new that I can use for surface tracking (I don’t want to use 8th wall since i am only creating demos).


All those tracking libraries can be added to PlayCanvas easily, or to any webGL engine for that instance.

If you have a .min.js build, just add it in a script inside PlayCanvas, and run it the first one.

After that, you’ll have access to the API. You can call for the position of the surface, and rotate your PlayCanvas surface accordingly.

What do you define as Surface Tracking? Markerless tracking? If so, WebXR does support that, here’s an example: WebXR AR: Hit Test | Learn PlayCanvas

The problem with WebXR (If I understand right) is that you need to activate chrome flags as it is still experimental.

Also there is no high compatibility, I think safary can not use it.

Pls correct me if i am wrong.

It’s only available on Android with Chrome. No need for flags though.

Unfortunately, the only other options that have been integrated with PlayCanvas is 8th Wall and Zappar to my knowledge.

If you want to use something like AR.js, it will need to be ported.