Support for Spine Animation Tool

If you’ve been reading the dev log feed you’ve already seen this. But we’ve created an plugin to let you use exports from the Spine Animation Tool.

If you haven’t heard of Spine. It’s a great tool for creating 2D animations. It uses bones, similar to the way that 3D animation works. So you don’t have to do lots of redrawing of animation frames. You create the separate limbs of your character and animated it in the tool.

Here’s a little intro:

Anyway, you can now export from Spine, and use the Spine Plugin from our Github page to animate it in your game.

There are a couple of sample projects: the Plugin Sample and a port of the Super Spineboy game.

Feel free to ask any questions here.


Feels like a new year present here. Looking great guys! Going to play around with this soon. I didn’t expect to be this fast (which is great of course). :grinning:

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