Support for microphone stream as audio source

My aim is to have a positional audio source that plays a microphone stream.

I have played around with the SoundSlot system but I can’t get it to work with that.

I saw this post from 6 years ago where you mentioned that you aimed to support streaming audio sources and I was wondering if I’m just missing something or if it just hasn’t been prioritised yet?

If not then is there a way to hack it? In the above post you mentioned just playing the stream through the browser, which I can do just fine, but for my application to work I need the microphone stream to be positional so if there is any advice on that it would be much appreciated.

Also just for some context, this is a multi-user application so the microphone streams will be from remote users, with their avatar as the sound source.

It hasn’t been prioritised, just not enough demand for the feature.

I’ve seen some PlayCanvas projects that have done this (positional audio from a real time source like a mic) such as Party Space but I don’t know if they used the browser’s Web Audio API directly or hacked/patched our engine audio component

Ok thanks for the reply, I’ll take a look at Party Space and see if I can make a custom solution.

@LeXXik has shared a project on Discord which could be useful here PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

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Thanks for that!

I had actually stumbled upon that this morning in this forum:

I don’t know how I missed it earlier, but I was going to give it a go this arvo and post how it went.