Superscript text with localization

Hey everyone,
We need a special way to display fonts for a customer.
We load the localized text as a JSON and need to show some of the text in superscript format (smaller and aligned to the top of the font height). Even the professional fonts don’t provide all the characters, apart from that the needed fonts - as part of the customer’s CI - can’t provide the scientific way of displaying the items.

It seems to me that text processing tools like Word have this functionality implemented where they are not depending on the font’s ability itself but scale and translate the characters.

Is there a way to integrate this functionality by modifying the existing markup system? How would we approach this?

(Note: Adding characters and modifying the fonts is usually not allowed under the font license)

Thank you!

I’m afraid the current UI system doesn’t support super script text.

Is there an example of copy that you want to show? I can’t think of a general use workaround so having something specific to work may spark some ideas

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Thanks for the quick reply!

We mainly have to use reference numbers at the end of a text, plus things like Copyright and Trademark symbols.

An example from a blank Office file to demonstrate the use of the symbols:

One of the main issues is that it’s not static text but has to be localized and responsive.

Arg. Afraid no ideas come to mind if you can modify the font file.

Maybe you can use Cem’s HTML overlays on UI elements for this but that seems a bit of a hack and doesn’t work in all cases as its always on top of the canvas

IANAL, the font license says you can’t modify the font. Does it mean you can’t modify the TFF to distribute? The reason I ask is because you aren’t distributing the TFF, just the converted SDF texture file.

So you could add the needed symbols to the font file and these will be converted to the SDF texture file which is being distributed to users?

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The HTML overlay might be a bit much but we will have a look at it.

Good point with the SDF! Will also look into that :slight_smile:

Thank you!