Super Snappy Bowling

Check out Super Snappy Bowling on Snapchat! just went live


Really wanted to play it but it wont play, I just updated the app.
My phone specs

Thanks, do the other games work?

Yes every other game is supported and works great…

@Saad_Haider can you try again? I think I found the reason

Can’t play in my phone either. Same reason as of saad
My phone specs are here

@Yohami_Zerpa I just checked, but still it shows unsupported.

@Saad_Haider @saif we just released v2.62, let me know if it opens now? thanks


@Yohami_Zerpa Yes it is working now, did you guys disable anti-aliasing or the device pixel ratio because the edges of models are rough and UI appears a bit blurry.

Love the amount of ‘juice’ you guys put in this game!

@Saad_Haider it has the device pixel ratio maxed at 2 to improve frame rate, but please check in the settings if you have the quality set to HIGH, not sure how the game reacts to a Honor phone

Love the amount of ‘juice’ you guys put in this game!


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Yes, I changed the settings to High, and it works beautifully!

Rock n roll!

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Yes it’s working perfectly fine now. Great Job! :slight_smile: