Super mario racing, need help making!

I need help with coding, music, and some more, i got the character Models, and their textures, and the loading screen, its similar to sonic r, where you run. if anyone can help, i would appreciate it.

not paying, but will put your name in the credits

I am replacing Mario’s model due to texture issues, if you do help, you might have to wait on Mario. it will be a higher poly count. also the other characters are missing all models and textures for some reason, let me re download them.

I need a high poly Luigi, and a High Poly Mario.

Mario is getting his model now, the person who got this model is helping me, if someone gets Luigi, he needs to be in .OBJ format for it to work. GOT IT NOW, also, lemme know if you wanna help so i can add you to the team.

Ill help you make the game
Ill get the Luigi model for you

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Ok, when you enter, Mario is gonna look weird, i contacted the one who owns that model to help me fix it, the new Mario is all 1 mesh and has many textures.

did you add me to the project, I’m getting the model now.

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yes, check the message i just sent you.

I seen it, I’m ready to help. Is sonic going to be a character, please say yes?

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well, if he wears a mario hat to keep it Mario themed, i don’t see why not. or whatever you can find Mario themed.

ok that works I’ll get/make a sonic for the game

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I got a sonic but it has no idle animation but has a t pose. Lets make the t pose his idle animation to make it unique

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hey, since it was my 1st day, it caused me to not be able to reply, my email is so we can still talk

also, what happened to the models?

We still have openings if anyone still wants to join, I got 1 so far.

I can help with music but am not very good at coding

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ok, will add you

your added, i will explain the music we will need when your in the testing room scene, that is to test the models and animations first.


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