Suggestions on code Obsfucation


I’m one of the developers for:

Which is an online game with our clientside running playcanvas.

We currently host the game on our own servers - and we export the zip from playcanvas (with concatenate and minify scripts ticked off) - but we realize that our deployed site, currently has the client fully visible through dev console source as seen in the picture below:

I have experimented with using GitHub - javascript-obfuscator/javascript-obfuscator: A powerful obfuscator for JavaScript and Node.js
But it seems to result in errors. We think it’s issues with how we do our JSON, or potentially something else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Thien and welcome,

Nice job on Skillfite! Is there a reason you have concatenation off?

About the javascript-obfuscator what errors are you getting?

I do remember some time ago using it on a project and getting errors initially. After changing some of the build options I was able to get it to run successfully (sorry I can’t remember the exact options now).

Hello Leonidas!

Sorry I think I meant we do have it ticked to be on -