Suggestions for the PlayCanvas Editor

Over the two years of working with PlayCanvas, I’ve come to realize that there are ways to improve it.

“BUILDS > DOWNLOAD .ZIP” publishing
Every time, it’s necessary to select the required parameters, scenes, and the main scene.
Solution: Remember the previous selection.
Even better: Create presets for selected parameters and scenes for builds.

Sorting in the Assets Explorer
It would be nice to have the ability to sort assets by name, but with folders displayed before files. Some kind of toggle switch. Otherwise, it’s inconvenient when folders and files are mixed.

Add a quick theme switch menu for the CodeEditor
|-- Light Theme
|-- Dark Theme

Theme selection can be made in PREFERENCES

Open files in CodeEditor are not restored after browser tab reload or reopening.
It feels like the list of open files is remembered randomly rather than the last opened ones.
You can add a menu item for forced remembering:
|-- Remember Opened Files

“Peek > Peek References” only displays dependencies for files open in the CodeEditor.
It’s crucial to have the ability to see dependencies for all project files.

Issue with Entity Element Margin in Template
If entities in a Template on the scene have fractional parameters for their position, it’s impossible to apply Margin to the template. Consequently, this parameter is highlighted in turquoise and marked as Override. When the position only has integer values, this issue does not occur, and Margin is applied to the Template.

P.S. I hope you will take note of these suggestions and consider implementing some of them in the near future. I believe it would greatly benefit both me and other developers using PlayCanvas :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s possible some of these are captured here already, but if not, feel free to add those here: Issues · playcanvas/editor · GitHub