Suggestions about Dig Dug Game Mechanics

Hey! I need to make dig dug game just like the following picture 1 BSr2KU-TRKONo4AkGOK1Rw
Just need to know what should be a good approach for building dig dug game mechanics mainly digging logic.
One of the approach is to read pixels from the background texture and then set their value to 0 so that it can show digging effect.
Other approach is to have a small black texture and place it over the background where player moves.
If someone has anyother approach, do tell. Thanks!

This would be my first approach tbh. It’s a tile based game so this approach should be pretty straightforward.

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Have a look at this sample, it could be something similar to creating little decals over your level.

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@yaustar wouldn’t it will be costly to make too much small black textures over the whole texture?

Oh wait, dig dug isn’t tile based :thinking:

Not really sure what my approach would be in this case. Generating a mesh for all the black areas is doable as mvaligursky mentioned. So it would be one mesh for the background and another for the black tunnel.

Editing texture data directly could work and is what I believe the video texture demo does.

Yeah i have seen its working let me try this in my code. Thanks @yaustar and @mvaligursky :slight_smile: