Suggestion : WASDEQ movement sensitivity control

In the editor, I used WASD and EQ to move around the scene. But I’d like fine-grain control. Touching a direction (one of WASD) moves the camera too far, even with the shortest keypresses I can do.

The ‘distance moved per second’ should be configurable. (In Settings->Editor, or maybe even add a Controls section in the Settings).

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It is in our backlog, and will be added at some point, indeed.

Another thing is people tend to use different unit scales.
We do recommend to use 1 unit === 1 meter. That makes life easier.

Regulating speed of flying shall be done as static value somewhere in UI, as well as from keyboard using hotkeys.
Another quick thing - if you hover mouse, and use wheel on where you want to zoom, that works based on distance to point under the cursor, and can make life easier.

Thank you Max & team PlayCanvas! Nice tip about the mouse-hover, I didn’t know that.

I am using 1 unit = 1m. But if you’re examining a small part of an object which is only 10cm, then the WASD movement is too fast :smile:

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Agree, we will bump that feature ticket a bit :slight_smile: