Suggestion : Please provide ability to create sub-folders in the /scripts/ folder

Original question is here on the forums : Can Scripts be organised into folders?

If this could be implemented in the PlayCanvas tools, that would be sweet!

As mentioned in referenced post, there is no ETA, but we are talking weeks maybe few months.
More info will come soon.

But there will be a “catch”. New system will be not backwards compatible with old, due to many complicated reasons, and it wont be possible to technically auto-migrate.
So we will be enabling Scripts 2.0 as a project setting, which will be only available for new projects, so our users can try and experience new system. But migration of old projects will require a bit of manual code-editing by developers of a project. This UI in Editor for migration will come a bit later.

More info on features will come as separate post.

Look for this topic: [FINISHED] Scripts 2.0