[SUGGESTION] An option to export cubemaps as dds files from the editor

I’ve been trying to figure out how to create cubemaps from separate images using the engine only and after reading some forum posts and playcanvas-viewer source, it still seems like a pretty complicated process. However it would be greatly simplified if I could make the cubemap in the editor and export it as a dds file.

That’s a valid suggestion I think. You can submit it in the engine repo.

In the meantime a workaround to get the dds files is to export a build as a zip. You can locate the files in the assets folder using the cubemap asset id.

Thanks for the reply!

I did actually try to do that, however I was unable to find the dds file in the exported zip. My cubemaps asset ID is 56035549.

And this was inside the zip_file/files/assets:

It may be on a different folder. Try searching for *.dds in the /assets/ folder.

I did that on an example project and it worked (t was on the cubemap folder in my case):

The only folder I have is files/assets/. There are no other folders, and I did try to search globally but it wasn’t there. :thinking:

Here’s a link to my test project in case anyone has time to check:

I even tried to host the app locally and check the network logs and it is only requesting the jpgs. Does the engine generate the cubemap from the images at runtime?

Are you sure you prefiltered in editor the cubemap? That’s when it is generated, not on runtime.

Here I’ve tested the video textures example:


Ahh! So that was the issue, I hadn’t prefiltered it. Thanks a lot for your help Leonidas :smiley:

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