Suggesting Gif Support for materials and UI elements

Day 1 of suggesting Gif support for materials and UI elements

We already have a ticket, and it seems to link to a project that implements a solution for it.

There are not plans to add a further support at the moment.


I guess it works reasonably, doesn’t solve the UI thing because it’s textures only, however I still believe fully native gif support would be beneficial to playcanvas, I don’t know the difficulty of implementing said feature, however I believe within reasonable difficulty that it would be worth considering on the roadmap and fitting it in somewhere

i also found one issue, is there a way for me to make the gif texture be a worldlike texture? where the texture doesn’t deform to the gun i’m using it on, PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

basically i don’t want it
to stretch, and i want to be able to change the size of it? like the amount present, if yk what i’m reffering too