Suggest reading materials please


I am a 2d animator/programmer trying to move to the wonderful world of 3d. Does the community suggest any books for learning the geometry and maths involved in 3d for the practical purposes of programming 3d animations? ( when and why to use slerps, how to handle local vs world transforms, when and why to multiply matrices )

Im not too interested yet in becoming an academic expert as much as a functional expert.


This is a good place to start if you want to know about 3D transformations in PlayCanvas:

There’s loads of good stuff to ease your introduction to 3D concepts, scripting and so on in PlayCanvas - definitely explore the developer site thoroughly.

Normally, Google is your friend for finding good resources. Don’t be shy about posting specific questions to solve specific problems. :slight_smile:

Thanks Will. I will study those with closer attention. They were definitely useful for solving some of my challenges with our current project. I have also taken your advice and cleaned up my project and asked the community for advice on my next milestone.

Working with PlayCanvas has been excellent. Thanks greatly!

btw, Stefan from Goo/Cannon.js said you guys are great too so we know this ‘dog food’ is gold.

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Ah, yes, Stefan has done some amazing work in the world of JavaScript/Physics/WebGL. I did an integration of his p2.js physics engine with PlayCanvas.

Nice. I will def’ study this closer. Thanks!

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