Suddenly and without changing anything, I received this error. HELP

2 weeks ago, I sent my client the application to review and approve it, today they gave me the OK to compile the final version, but suddenly I get this, and part of my plane disappears to turn on lights (it’s an internal configurator of planes)

I need to fix this as soon as possible since I have to turn in the work

Hey @MLB,
do you have a script with a function called
Screenshot 2023-04-27 8.09.34 AM

This seems related this this:

Please see if the workarounds work for you till we fix this. Thanks.

Just to confirm - are you using VSM shadows, and clustered lighting is disabled?

I also notice that in the editor, most of the parts of my plane are not shown. This used to work OK

YES, that’s how i’m using

In version 1.61.3, I don’t have this error, PLEASE, don’t remove this version, until you fix the error.

As a temp workaround for the Editor, add this to the end of the URL:



OK, Tnks

By the way, you can check this work, which was made for PIPER at this URL

go a little bit down here


The interior version is about to be updated to a new version that includes night lighting, and that is where I got the error

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We’ve released 1.62.2 to the Editor which fixes the crash in the viewport but the shadows don’t look correct (see 1.62.2 VSM shadows from spotlights have no blur · Issue #5286 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub)

Please select 1.61.3 for publishing and the Editor settings (for the launch tab) for the short term while we investigate this issue