Sudden big issues in our project. Wrong Materials, Errors in editor, GLBs not loading


We are currently running in to a couple of random but big issues in our project.
It’s a bit vague but here goes nothing.


  • Materials are showing up incorrect
  • The loading of draco compressed glbs is no longer working
  • Errors in the editor when selecting entities (see below)

All of this was working fine a couple of hours ago.

We have branched a couple of checkpoints to compare.
But the issues are also showing up in those checkpoints, which were 100% fine before.

I cannot share the project here as it is under NDA.

Thanks in advance,

One of the errors when selecting an entity in the editor:

viewport:pick (editor.method error)
captureconsole.ts:73 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'call')
    at editor.once.editor.once.p.updateShader (gizmo-collision.js:515:31)
    at i.getShaderVariant (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:433070)
    at t.updatePassShader (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:440004)
    at t.renderForwardPrepareMaterials (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:506975)
    at t.renderForward (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:507246)
    at t.renderRenderAction (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:517195)
    at t.renderPassRenderActions (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:516076)
    at e.execute (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:514915)
    at t.render (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:466728)
    at t.render (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:558909)
    at n.renderComposition (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:637798)
    at t.prepare (playcanvas.min.js?version=1.55.2:6:719243)
    at viewport-pick.js:68:16
    at (editor.js:29:42)
    at e.<anonymous> (viewport-pick.js:40:16)
    at e.emit (observer.js:1:1059)
    at viewport-application.js:98:24
    at sentryWrapped (helpers.ts:87:17)

Bug reported:

Temp fix is to add ?use_local_engine= to the end of the scene URL


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We are looking at this as a matter of urgency

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