Suck on 'signing in'

Hi all,
I’ve tried to sign in to PlayCanvas for 2 days.
Apparently while entering my name and job in the sign-up process something went wrong and it says my username is already used.
Of course the username is already used - I’ve successfully assigned the username and password!

I’ve tried updating the password, google login etc but can’t get past this name enter screen (screenshot attached).
Is there any way to reset or fix this glitch?
my email is


There’s no screenshot?

Sorry I forgot the screenshot.
Also the big typo in the subject - ‘Suck’ should be ‘Stuck’.

Here’s the missiing screenshot

Just to clarify, what do you mean by ‘signing in’? ‘logging in’ or ‘signing up’?

From the screenshots flow, it looks like you are trying to ‘sign up’ again?