Substance Painter Brass Pure is Black in PC Editor and Publish after export from Blender

I created a cube in Blender, added Brass Pure (default texture, no changes) from Substance Painter (current version), and brought it back into Blender 3.3.6, then exported to .glb into PlayCanvas.

For what’s worth I use a plugin in Blender for interoperability between Blender and Substance Painter (Xolotl Substance Painter Live Link). Which seems to work very well for our needs, so far.

Does anyone have an idea why this Brass Pure is looking Black? Other materials from SP look fine (the one’s I’ve tested so far, anyway).

PlayCanvas Editor
Substance Painter 2023

If I change the material’s UV Channel to UV1, I at least get the brass-like color. But as you can see I don’t get the proper end result I see in Blender 3.3.6.