Subscription & payment error!

Hey there,

We were using 1 organization with one seat/month as the plan (which costs $50). It was set on auto-renewal basis. However, when this month’s subscription ended, we tried to make the payment manually, this is what we get.

This is the error message : “A payment method of type card was expected to be present, but this PaymentIntent does not have a payment method and none was provided. Try again providing either the payment_method or payment_method_data parameters.”

Tried with two of our credit cards, the result is the same. What seems to be the problem? It has basically locked the access to all projects. Without re-subscribing, it’s not letting me access/backup/download our projects.

Can you please help?
@yaustar @dave @will

I see that you are in India and banks are blocking recurring payments Recurring transactions for Stripe accounts in India : Stripe: Help & Support

For the short term, I can provide a voucher code to tide you over until this is sorted out.

How many seats do you need and I can DM you a voucher code.

We’d appreciate that! Thank you. We use 1 organization for now.

How many seats/users for the ORG?

Oh sorry, 1 seat for now.

Sent the voucher code via DM

Checking, much appreciated.