Submit a Code Contribution to PlayCanvas and Win $1000!

I’ve decided to award $1000 to the best contribution made to the PlayCanvas engine repo in January. You can find the engine repo here:

See Twitter announcement here:

(Please retweet to spread the word!)

Your PR (pull request) can be anything: an engine example, a new feature, a refactor of something, a bug fix, documentation improvements.

Good luck!


36 hours left to submit a pull request to win a cool $1000. That’s like a PS5 Disc Edition AND an Xbox Series X (but yeah, spend it however you like!) :video_game::rofl:

Currently submitted PRs are: (by @LeXXik) (by NewboO) (by @LeXXik) (by @gameatp) (by @kungfooman)

If you’ve submitted a PR and don’t see it listed, let me know.

Some answers to common questions:

  1. Can you submit more than 1 PR? Yes! As you can see, @LeXXik has already submitted two.
  2. What makes a PR eligible? It must be opened sometime in January. It doesn’t need to have been merged.
  3. My PR was closed without being merged - is it eligible? Yes! Because it’s the thought that counts. :smile:

Announcing the winner on Monday. Good luck!

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I honestly didn’t expect my PRs to take part in the competition, as they were trivial. So, guys, don’t miss a chance for an easy cash grab :slight_smile:


Me neither for 10 lines of code or so, I guess it comes down more to thanking a gesture of cooperation :sweat_smile:

Because it’s the thought that counts. as in Plato, a thought/idea is more real than the real world in a strange way :earth_americas:


Here’s another PR submitted just in time!

So currently, it seems like we have 5 entrants.

5 hours and 15 minutes until the deadline!



Announcing the winner of the January Coding Challenge!

The $1000 goes to…


…for adding rolling friction support to the physics engine.

Congratulations!! :tada:

And if you submitted a PR but didn’t win, great effort, and we appreciate your contributions very much!


Oh! A pleasant surprise! Thank you! :heart:


Great award! Congratulations @LeXXik! You deserve it.

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Congrats Love your games @LeXXik

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Thanks ) I wish the event would have taken place in December though :slight_smile: There was an amazing PR for a new area lights feature. It was a definite winner :wink: Hopefully Will make a new competition soon, so others may have a chance too.


Hopefully I might have a change probably not because im new though.

I can’t deny - @Mark_Lundin’s Area Lights PR would have won comfortably if it had landed in January. It was a really amazing contribution! But hey, rules are rules. :smile:

I will consider announcing another PR competition in the future.


So gutted :cry: