Stuck with camera transition

i am using orbit camera and have multiple camera position. i want to do smooth transition the camera to camera and having perform event from using HTML ui.

is their any project or code only for that. i have find the some related project but when i do implement their is many error which i cant find solution.
here is the project that i like to want. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

here is my project link PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
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Hi @rehman97,

Please don’t tag people unless you have a specific reason, there are several developers in the forums offering their help and time. Be patient on that.

sorry for that i will remember that

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Variables defined with var, const and let have their scope within that function. If you want to access them from different functions then either make it a global variable or make it a script variable so that it can be used anywhere in the script.

So for the variable “element”, you can simply define it with this.element and access it with this.element at any function in your script


ok let me do that changes