Stretched tiled textures on tablet


I made a project with textues that are tiled more than once and on tablet, it looks very odd:

link to editor:

Any ideas about how to make it look like on desktop?

Much appreciated!

Hi @sorina.designora,

It looks like a lot of textures are not in power of 2 dimensions. This can sometimes cause unexpected behavior on tablets

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Hi @eproasim,

What does that mean? Also, do you have any idea about how to work around this?

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Hi @sorina.designora,

Can you make sure that those specific textures have their tiling set to repeating?

Try selecting those texture assets and set the UV address property to repeat:


Edit: as @eproasim noted if you already have the address to repeat, most likely the combination of running in WebGL1 and non POT (power of two) textures produces that behavior.

Hi @sorina.designora,

What I mean is that you should always do your best to make sure your texture assets have dimensions that are powers of two and preferably square: (2x2,4x4,8x8,16x16,32x32,64x64,128x128,256x256,512x512,1024x1024, etc…)

Resizing your textures’ dimensions to be power of two makes them more compatible to different devices.


Definitely looks like a WebGL 1 issue. Forcing WebGL 1 gives the same effect:

Textures would need to be resized to Power of 2 as @eproasim mentioned

iOS is still on on WebGL 1 unfortunately.

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wow, amazing! i will do that, thank you!

I was just coming back with the observation that i only get it on ios devices. When i do it, i’ll post the result here as well