Strategy game example


I’m looking for examples of a strategy game to use as a template.
Something with isometric (3D) view, moving camera, surface and objects moving on a surface.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ADenisUA and welcome,

I haven’t seen a full-blown strategy game example around, but if you break down your requirements you can find a couple of things to help you out:

  • isometric 3D view, you can easily change the projection of any camera.
  • moving camera and objects moving, take a look at the point and click movement tutorial:

  • for your surface, take a look at the terrain generation tutorial, it contains an example on how a player controller can walk on it:


thanks for advice. It works! What about animated water service (shader) with realistic? I’ve checked couple of old projects but they don’t seem to work or have a poor quality

this one looks nice but when I launch it from editor - it shows an error

The last one is indeed quite realistic but it won’t do you much good on a real game project since it’s mostly a full screen pixel shader (and quite heavy!). Realistic water usually comes with a big performance toll so you usually have to balance this.

Another one is this, by Max:

I’ve used this as a base for creating a semi-realistic water effect with depth coloring and an animated normal map, for a commercial project of mine, you can do something similar:

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