Strange UI loading screen bug


The builder wont let me set a loading screen and wont tell me why:

CloudApp — Not Found


It works for all my other projects, just not this one.


Interesting, I can’t repeat this here. Are you seeing any errors in the console when you try and add a loading script?

I’ll try a handful of permutations. It didnt seem to me like the customizations i made in the default were taking affect which is what prompted me to notice the script looked as if it were being added and then deleted. Its not really a big deal for us if this one does weird stuff; I mainly wanted to post it in case it was useful for you folks. It doesnt seem to happen in any other scenario outside this creative… we used to call stuff like this ‘Bigfoot’.

Thanks for taking a look. I’ll let you know if any of the tests seem to have useful results.