Stone age(nostalgic thought)

Hello, today i feel nostalgic, i thought back when i saw the first pc, it was a Zx spectrum of my cousin and i falled in love. So my parents bought me a C64 and started messing around with the code…after some time appared the ‘SEUCK’ SHOT-EM-UP CONSTRUCTION KIT …great program…but the Amiga 500 drove me to another word… and the AMOS made me loose a lot of nights developing a ‘f1 manager’ program. After that moved on A1200 :smiley: and with an hard drive the speed improved a lot. Loved sensible soccer :sunny:
At work the development was less exciting from old 8086 or 8088 processors to 286/386 and so on. I was able to set up the first linux pc working as router around…mhhh…20yrs ago…damn i’m old lol
Well that’s why i’m happy to be able to develop something here in Playcanvas, i’m some kind of maniac creator lol (Created also a whole world for my books and my rpg)… i guess when i will die i will ask god to step down and give me some free space :smiley: lol