Stiff cloth sim or adding extra models onto player character?

Hey all! I’m trying to figure out if what I’m thinking would be possible in playcanvas, but I’m not sure, hoping someone else might have some insight!

So I want to make a character that’s essentially a sphere shaped cat that rolls around. What I’m wondering is, is it possible to have something like a stiff cloth sim on a piece of the character? Think cat’s ears; stiff, but bend and flex with momentum and won’t mess up movement when the sphere rolls around.

if not that, is it possible to have a piece of the character not interact with any rigid bodies? So that, when the character rolls, the arms/legs don’t get in the way of the roll. In that same vein, is it possible to add other models onto the character? Think like an optional hat, a cosmetic that you can put on, but don’t have to, and doesn’t get in the way of movement.

Thank you for any advice!!!

For the cloth simulation - there is no ready-made solution for it. You would have to write your own version using shader or a verlet integration, the anchor nodes (the ones attached to your character) would be set by script each frame and the rest would be set by simulation.

For partial interaction - yes, it is possible. If a part doesn’t have a rigidbody - it won’t interact with other physics bodies. Your character physics representation could be a sphere, while visual representation could be more complex, like having limbs and whatnot.

You can add vanity items to your model, like hats and other stuff. Again, those would be just visual models, and not rigidbodies, so the physics won’t be affected.