Starting point to build a simple floorplan creator application

Hi lovely people,

I want to build a simple floorplan creator application like this on the browser.

  1. Is playcanvas the right starting platform to build something like that ?
  2. If yes, are there any good starting points/library/ templates to get started.
  3. If not are there any playcanvas apis to draw walls, floors (blocks) windows etc. ?


  1. It’s doable in PlayCanvas, less convinced it is the ‘best’ framework for this
    2 & 3. You are looking at generating meshes and there isn’t any real documentation around it AFAIK. The closest I have seen to this that is public is the Voxel Canvas here:
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Thanks @yaustar
Lack of documentation around creating meshes will definitely be a huge blocker :frowning:
And thanks for the sample you’ve linked.
If not playcanvas are you aware if any alternatives that can do that in the web browser ? I’d look at threejs but was hoping to find something with a better starting point than that.