Starter AR Kit


Cannot get the Starter AR kit to show anything other than my camera when I hit launch

No blocks appear, nothing.

On a Mac working Chrome but have also tried Firefox. Can anyone help?


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That project is for the old AR Starter that uses the Hiro Marker

Are you looking for the WebXR AR starter kit which is here?

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(I also fixed the shader error in the original project that I saw when testing your project)

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Thanks for the help.

Yes, I didn’t realise it was deprecated. I have been trying this course

Clearly needs updating I will try to feedback to them.

Thanks also for fixing the shader error.


Oh wow, I didn’t realise that this existed, thanks for sharing!

In the WebXR project, When I click the AR Toggle button on my Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy A21S), I get this error “The specified session configuration is not supported”

It’s the same project you shared, I didn’t make any changes.

Does it mean my phone does not support / the project not supports…