Started creating book about PlayCanvas in Polish

started creating book about PlayCanvas in Polish, because I don’t see any book about pc,
this book will be unofficial and ‘open source’ I’ll publish it on github as repo with pdf


Nice, while I am from england but I speak polish. So, I can say nice job!

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yes when I publish on github anyone who speak Polish can fix my errors or add some content or modify :slight_smile:

and also I put the snippets with carbon so they would look nice
sth like

I considered markdown, but switched to google docs with putting carbon-style snippets instead of md with code with syntax highlighting (code fencing)

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Here is the early version in Polish

hmm I consider to publish it as a self-publishing but must done it and make some corrections


I think I finished it!
in just 100 pages, but maybe must done some corrections or add sth but generally done, and this is my first book :slight_smile:
What a good feeling
here is the link to book in Polish any feedback appreciated