Start my game with a video intro

I haven’t done anything particularly yet, it is just an idea I have right now.

Basically, I want to have a video intro in a separate scene. After the video, the first level should be loaded. And when I reach the end of the last level, the video intro should be played again (This is why I want the video to be in a separate scene).

Thanks to anyone in advance that can give me an example of how to do so.

Hey @SayHiToMePls,

Why don’t you try using this solution for playing videos? Alternatively, you can also use the HTML <video> element. To learn how to embed HTML and CSS in PlayCanvas, take a look at this tutorial.

And how do I check if the video has finished, so I can load the next scene?

If you use a HTML <video> tag, you can add an event listener on ended. See an example here.

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Ok, thx