Start Developing Larger updates

you guys should spent more time on engine updates rather than pumping out a bunch of tiny updates that add almost nothing, other than bugfix hotfixes there should be a very limited amount of updates that have an actual weight to them so people actually care about them

This kind of attitude is not constructive. The dev team works really hard and they’ve added many significant features just in the last 12 months. Many of the bigger releases are detailed on the PlayCanvas blog See WebGPU, Gaussian Splats, PlayCanvas Asset Store and Sketchfab integration. These are big features that add functionality which many people care about.

Are there any specific features that you’d like to see added to PlayCanvas? Keep in mind the engine is open source, you can contribute to the codebase yourself if there is something you want to add: GitHub - playcanvas/engine: Fast and lightweight JavaScript game engine built on WebGL and glTF


Also, see many large features released just yesterday, including examples on how to use them: Releases · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

But please open engine issues on the new feature you’d like to see (or add a comment on existing issues if those are already craeted)


sure i guess maybe to the much more complex developers who are needent on making a simulatory experience, gaussian splats have little to know use in game creation, WebGPU is lesser known and i dont even know what that does, sketchfab integration isn’t anything special especially since sketchfab already lets you download stuff, all it does is remove 1 step from model uploading which was already speedy, and the asset store is completely underused due to the lack of ability for the community to upload their own creations, this makes the asset store completely lacking when iit comes to content

I’ll ask again, are there any specific features that you’d like to see added to PlayCanvas? If there is functionality that you feel the editor is lacking, perhaps you should describe what you want added. Complaining about the addition of features you don’t understand isn’t productive.

the main thing i’ve been wanting for almost 2 years is GIF support, imagine how easy UI elements and Materials would be if you can import an animated texture, the only current way is to create a video out of the gif, do a shit ton of complicated coding for a video texture, compile a shader then you can’t even change the dimensions of the video let alone the scale, GIF support would make development a lot more versatile and easier and allow for better games overall