Spritesheet in 2D

Hello guys,

Does anyone know how to use spritesheets in 2D screens? I can use them 3D world space but they doesn’t show up while they in 2D screen object?

Is it a bug, or spritesheets only supported by 3D world space?

Best regards

What exactly are you trying to do with the sprite from the spritesheet? Are you using it as a part of the UI?

Yes, that’s right. I want to use it as a part of UI. It works 3D world scene properly but it doesn’t show up in 2D screen entity.

Also, if I put normal image element and set a sprite image to it, it works. But I want animated sprite in UI.

Animated sprites in the UI isn’t currently supported.

This has been asked for before, so hopefully it’ll be considered as a useful feature for the developers to implement.


For now, as an alternative,you could make it a animated sprite in the world. But instead of using mouse interaction, you can use keyboard interaction.