Spritesheet and Particle effects

Can someone help me out with the following issues.

  1. How do I configure the particle system to animate in one place and not in random axis, even when I set “particle count to one” it’s still animating in random position ( I would like to use ( 1 particle count ) to use as a bullet)

  2. Is it possible to use spritesheet with the current particle system?

  3. Am having trouble animating my spritesheet using the ( sprite sheet test ) project

  • Image dimensions = 1024 x 640
  • Single sprite dimensions = 128 x 128

Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Do you mean emitting particles in one direction? The default Velocity curve is set up to have [-1,1] variation of velocity. If you disable the “Randomize” option and edit the lines to represent desired velocity, then you’ll have all particles moving in one line:

  2. Not yet, but planned.

  3. 640 is not a power of two (POT) number, WebGL doesn’t support it and PlayCanvas will automatically resize your texture to the closest POT size (either 1024x512 or 1024x1024, don’t remember right now). Maybe it’s the source of your problem? If not, I’d like to know more information about what went wrong.

Thanks a lot Mr_F. Switched off randomize and set velocity (X,Y,Z) to 0 did the trick. :smile:

Is it possible to use spritesheet with the current particle system? -> Not yet, but planned
So what’s the best option to use sprite sheet like (explosion spritesheet) e.t.c in Playcanvas?

How many quads with the explosion animated texture do you need for one explosion?

Sorry for the late reply Mr_F.

max of 40 per sprite sheet.