Split screen and Bloom conflict

When I use the post effect script Bloom on a split screen, the view gets cut to a smaller width

Taken from the bloom script

 // Render targets
    var width = graphicsDevice.width;
    var height = graphicsDevice.height;


And yes, have done test without the script, and it runs fluently there.

Hi @Thomas_Due_Nielsen,

I don’t think any of the post process effects provided in the engine repository support split screens.

You might want to raise an issue about that in the repo, or if you find a solution do a pull request. It would be more than welcome to everybody.

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Thomas, did you raise a bug?

I just tried this on a project which uses 2 overlay cameras, and all cameras end up leaving a trail. I imported the Bloom effect directly from the Library, and added it to the camera ( no code changes ).

Resizing the window fixes it.

no did not as I considered it too fundamental to regard it as a bug only (like some effects only work in ortographic and/or vise versa) … but ok in regards to your solution (approach at least), then again; how is your screen calibrated? I am still seeing an edge around the cube in left upper corner