Spine 3.8 in current playcanvas version (1.68.1)

The last 1.5 years I’ve been working on a game that include spine 3.8 animations because playcanvas didn’t support spine 4.0 at that time.

With the newest version of playcanvas I can’t seem to play the game anymore because spine 3.8 isn’t supported anymore since 1.65 according to the documentation.

Is there maybe a work around for this or do I have to keep testing on an older version of playcanvas because updating the spine files is a bit difficult at the moment

It’s not officially supported, which means we’re not actively testing it … but it might just work? Have you tried?

I know our official engine example: PlayCanvas Examples

uses up to date engine (1.68.1) and Spine 3.8

There could be some reason, but maybe I just don’t remember. Give it a go.