Specular projection

I want to implement a mirror projection that reflects the color map of the cylinder onto a plane. Now, this mirror reflects the environment map, and I want to reflect the color map of the cylinder. I urgently need help. Can you provide me with a demo or case study, because I really don’t know how to use the color map in this area

Are you perhaps after a skydome projection like this, to a flat ground?

No, my description is incorrect. I don’t want to do projection, I want to do reflection because my ground is a mirror and I want to reflect the diffusermap in the cylinder

Have you seen other examples? There are a few ones with reflection:



Thank you very much. The case of this website can only be viewed through code, right? It cannot be directly imported into the editor for visual viewing, right

Correct. Those examples show how to use PlayCanvas engine without Editor. As such, you cannot import them to it, but the code is still the same.